Control Room Monitoring Services

24 Hour Control Room Services

365 days a year, Quadrant Control :

  • Receives ‘Book on / off’ and ‘Health & Safety’ CHECK calls from Quadrant Guards and other Security Company Guards, ensuring that staff are on-site and O.K.
  • Receives ‘ Lone Worker Health & Safety’ CHECK calls from client’s staff, who may be working alone / remotely anywhere in the UK.  An agreed ‘escalation procedure’ is established in the event of missed check calls. 

Remote CCTV Monitoring & Response

Have you got, (or are you considering installing), a C.C.T.V. System ???  If so, just take a moment to think about how it may benefit your business!

  • It MIGHT............deter intruders !    =  TRUE
  • It MIGHT............encourage staff to arrive on time, work harder and leave on time !  =  TRUE
  • It MIGHT ...........catch burglars !!!  = WRONG !!!!.....but you might have a nice video of thieves stealing your goods !!

But, have your C.C.T.V. REMOTELY MONITORED by Quadrant Security and suddenly you add real value to your investment. Because when your premises are closed and the CCTV sensors detect ‘movement’, the images can be sent directly to Quadrant where our Duty Controller can check them out and access your other cameras for signs of intrusion or trespass. IF we can see unwelcome visitors on-site, we will call 999 and alert the Police. A Quadrant Mobile / Response Officer can also be detailed to attend.

But here’s a ‘ Top Tip’  - have an AUDIO LINK fitted too, so we can ‘announce’ to the ‘visitors’ that they ARE UNDER SURVEILLANCE............and Police have been called.  ( Intruders are generally SO SHOCKED that they are being watched and monitored by a real person, that they FLEE pretty quickly ) !!

As with all Quadrant Security services, we tailor our response to suit your individual needs. Every client is different, as are their concerns and needs.

Lone Worker Monitoring / Health & Safety Checks

As mentioned above, employers have a duty of care to all staff, this includes ‘Lone Workers’
But......who IS a Lone Worker ?  -  well ANYONE who is working alone / remotely etc.
Whether they are working alone in an office / factory / warehouse  or in a field, miles from nowhere, such staff are still your responsibility. We can set up a very simple ‘Health & Safety Check Call’ facility to ensure that your staff are better protected.........and you are too.    Ask for details.

Client Escort Service

If you have to attend your premises or indeed go anywhere alone, and would like a Quadrant officer to meet you on site, or escort you to and from................we would be happy to oblige.

No matter what your requirements for commercial security services and monitoring put it in the hands of the specialists at Quadrant Security. Contact us today and we can arrange a no obligation free security survey with our experienced team.