Intruder Alarms and Keyholding

Vacant Premises Inspections, Checks and Reports

If you have a property portfolio, whether you are an estate agent / investor or property management company with vacant premises, it is likely to be a condition of your insurance that such properties are inspected periodically.  But you may be busy doing other things,  or wary of sending out  a 'Lone Worker'. That is where Quadrant can assist. 

We can :

  • Complete scheduled visits to the premises
  • Check for signs of damage or intrusion
  • Alert the client of any concerns
  • E-mail a report to you
  • Provide FREE security signage

Intruder Alarm Installation

It’s a sad fact that most intruder alarms are fitted FOLLOWING a break in !!  So whilst having an alarm does not guarantee that you won’t be targeted, often the criminal will target a property that is NOT alarmed, rather than one that is !! Quadrant intruder alarms are ideal for :

  • Flats  /  Houses  /  Offices  /  Commercial  Premises

We will visit you at a convenient time, discuss your requirements and deliver you a FIRM QUOTATION.
Should you wish to proceed, the installation will take place on an AGREED DATE and with MINIMUM DISRUPTION to your HOME or BUSINESS.
But.......there’s more !!
Quadrant can :

  • Call you, following an Alarm Activation or Respond on your behalf, Day or Night. You select the level of service required.

And with a WIRE FREE  -  RADIO ALARM SYSTEM, there’s no disruption to you decor !!  ( you can even take the system with you, if you move ).

Intruder Alarm Response / Key-holder Call-out Service

Residential or Commercial Premises – Quadrant act as first response key-holders for all manner of clients, responding to their ‘Out of Hours’  Intruder Alarm activations.

The benefit to our clients :

  • You need not be disturbed overnight, Quadrant will deal with the incident, whilst you sleep on
  • You are not putting yourself or your staff at risk, by attending.......Quadrant will deal with it.
  • You or your staff do not risk the ‘temptation’ of perhaps driving to site, having had a little too much to drink.
  • You can get on with your life !!

On a very serious note, if at present you have a member of staff responding to your alarm activations, have you considered or are you aware of your responsibilities to such ‘Lone Workers’  ????

Should they fall ill, have an accident ......or worse  !!  having placed your staff member at great risk, you face a very real threat of serious legal action, and even Corporate Manslaughter. Don’t take the risk !!

Initially, we visit the client’s premises, collect a site plan, keys / fobs and alarm details and carry out a risk assessment. The client then informs their Alarm Company and  Alarm Receiving Centre that as from xx date...........Quadrant will be responding to any ‘out of hours’ alarm activations.

Keys and instructions are held securely at Quadrant Control, and only released following an activation or to update items.

Upon receiving a call from your Alarm receiving Centre, Quadrant Control will detail a Mobile Patrol / Response Officer to collect the keys etc. and attend the premises to deal with the incident, keeping in touch with Quadrant Control at all times.